As a social enterprise, Afri Decarbonization Corporation, Inc (ADC) helps to improve the lives of the people of West Africa by developing nature-based decarbonization strategies.


To enable decarbonization of Africa with nature-based solutions and advanced technology.


Empowering local communities to support a sustainably developed Africa where no one is left behind.


The company operates with the core value focused on people, planet, peace, partnership & progress;
Preservation of biodiversity and natural habitats
Sustainable ecosystems with circular infrastructures


Capitalize on the financial flows from the voluntary carbon market for sustainable change.
Develop bamboo value-added industries to improve livelihoods of beneficiary communities.
Support a balance between conservation goals and local needs and demands for resources.
Improve opportunities for livelihoods, food security and overall well-being.

Value-Driven Decarbonization

Afri Decarbonization Company, Inc (ADC) is proud to develop targeted projects that benefit both the environment, with a nature-based solution to sequester and store carbon, as well the community with long-term, community-focused support for local solutions in food security, education, and economic empowerment.