Reforesting 1,000,000 Hectares in West Africa

Decarbonizing Africa through Nature-Based Solutions and Advanced Technology

Improving the lives of the people of West Africa by developing nature-based decarbonization strategies while improving, preserving and optimizing sustainable ecosystems and biodiversity.


To enable decarbonization of Africa with nature-based solutions and advanced technology.


Empowering local communities to support a sustainably developed Africa where no one is left behind.


The company operates with the core value focused on people, planet, peace, partnership & progress;
Preservation of biodiversity and natural habitats
Sustainable ecosystems with circular infrastructures


Capitalize on the financial flows from the voluntary carbon market for sustainable change.
Develop bamboo value-added industries to improve livelihoods of beneficiary communities.
Support a balance between conservation goals and local needs and demands for resources.
Improve opportunities for livelihoods, food security and overall well-being.

ADC Nature-Based Projects

Decarbonization is the way of the future.

Partnering with local communities to provide education on the importance of responsible anthropogenic activity for environmental sustainability.

Reforesting Degraded Lands

Partnering with indigenous communities and local agroforestry experts to reforest local degraded lands and establish an annual planting schedule based on the seasons.

Nursey Development

Developing nurseries for bamboo and native tree species.

Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions

Engaging with residents, farmers, traditional and government leaders, and business communities to design and implement sustainable infrastructure solutions that mitigate the current threats to local ecosystems.

Value Chain Development

Acquiring and developing value chains for raw materials and economic development.

Decarbonizing Africa through Nature-based decarbonization solutions.

About Afri Decarbonization Corporation

In collaboration with local indigenous communities, traditional and local municipal leaders, the success of these projects depends on the expertise and cooperative efforts of a consortium of individuals and organizations.

ADC has assembled teams of local experts and advisors in agroforestry, wildlife, community education, infrastructure design and development. The goal is to reforest 250,000 hectares over the next 5 years in both Ghana and Nigeria with bamboo and other native tree species.

Dr. David Obura, a scientist and biodiversity expert, recently stated that to address the crisis in global biodiversity loss we must first understand the “root causes and the entire scope of human-nature interactions.” ADC takes a holistic approach to its nature-based projects by engaging the indigenous communities to address land degradation, local economic challenges, energy, food security, and sustainable community development.

Value-Driven Decarbonization

Afri Decarbonization Company, Inc (ADC) is proud to develop targeted projects that benefit both the environment, with a nature-based solution to sequester and store carbon, as well the community with long-term, community-focused support for local solutions in food security, education, and economic empowerment.